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Etiquette Tip of the Month:

 Unruffled Feathers

Don't let rude people ruffle your feathers.  Don't engage them.  Let them go ahead and throw a fit if they so choose: while you remain calm, cool, and collected.  If you have ever worked in the service industry you know all too well how the bad behavior of a rude patron can ruin your day.  I know that it may be hard to resist the urge to strike back verbally when someone lashes out at you, but then you will just be stooping to their level.  Not only will you give them the satisfaction of getting under your skin, you may appear just as unhinged as they do, in turn justifying their negative behavior.  So, instead of allowing miserable people to goad us into arguments, we must develop an effective defense by supplying ourselves with an arsenal of "tools" to use on rude people.   

Here are my top five tips:

1. A blank stare. (Useful in many situations especially when someone has asked you a rude question or made an offensive statement or off-color joke.  Works like a charm in shutting up the offender and making him or her feel foolish.)

2. A raised eyebrow. (Useful to indicate that you don't agree with what has been said and that you do not not necessarily wish to engage.)

3. Completely ignoring what has just been said. (Carrying on with what you are doing as if an offensive statement was never uttered serves a dual purpose of politely letting the person who has made a rude remark know that you want no part of what was said while also allowing him or her to save face. 

4. Exaggerated Politeness. (Kill them with kindness. Useful in letting offensive people know that they can not get under your skin. This usually stops rude people in their tracks and forces them to pretend to be nice.) 

5. Disengaging. (Separate yourself, go for back-up ie. supervisor, co-worker, parent etc., the goal is always to protect yourself and sometimes it is just best to walk away.) 

Try these tips and you will see. They are small tactics but they are powerful.  Most importantly, instead of giving rude people the power to put you in a bad mood make them the Meme on your next social media post. LOL!

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